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Wednesday, Mar 29, 2017



Metcon: Time-Rx3+
5 rounds for time of

30-Wallballs (20#/10'-14@#/9')
10-Powercleans (115#/75#)
20-Pull Ups
30-Box Jumps (24''/20'')

GOAL: Finish under 30 mins CAP off at 35 mins
STEP UPS ALLOWED but not for true competitors Seth!
Rx: As written
Rx2: Sub Pistol to box, KTC, Jump Pull Up, 14#/10'-10#/9'

Chosen as WOD: Wed,Mar 29,2017
1st30:23 McKenna P Today!
2nd34:11 Julia Today!
3rd485 2brenda Today!
1st3 full rounds, 20 Ktc Daniel O Today!
2nd280 Eric P Today!
3rd395 Eric M Today!

Daniel O3 full rounds, 20 Ktc Rx Sub pull ups
Eric P280 Rx 2rds + 40reps
Heidi P35:00 DNF  408. ripped on round 3 pull ups, Rx2 for round 4, banded pistols the whole time.
NickDNF Rx2 375
Tracie35:00 DNF  4RDs+40 reps
Eric M395 Rx didn't finish
David P33:36 Rx
McKenna P30:23 Rx
Cherise35:00 DNF Rx2 478 reps: pistol to box; KTC; 14# WB; 75# PC; ring rows; step ups
Sterling35:00 DNF  Rx 1.2 (did box pistols). got through 8 WB of round 3.
brenda485 Rx2 DNF
Julia34:11 Rx
Katheryn35:00 DNF Rx2 500 reps
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